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Vise and Clamping Tool [Vise-and-Clamp]

Vise and Clamping Tool
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Bench-Pro-2000 is an integral piece of workshop hardware suitable for a variety of vise, clamp and lightweight jacking jobs regularly encountered in most home and production workshops.

The tools jaws have 2 clamping surfaces (upper and lower). This allows you to firmly clamp multiple pieces of material simultaneously such as with Mitre joints, T joints and Butt joints.

The vise hardware has reversible jaws which enables both clamping and lightweight jacking jobs to be carried out. With the tools jaws in the reverse position the unit will act as a flooring jack or a lightweight acro prop. With the jaws in the clamping position the hardware will act as a Standard vise, a Flush mounted vise, an Offset vise or a free-standing floor vice (great for holding doors while mounting hinges and latches).

An ideal addition to any tool collection, the universal Bench-Pro-2000 vise/clamp can be quickly configured to hold most materials in place while you safely complete your work.
[see the video demonstration for more information on the uses and features of the universal Bench-Pro-2000 vise and clamping tool.]

Each Bench-Pro-2000 hardware kit includes:

  • 1 Complete Bench-Pro-2000 vise tool:
    • 1 Set of Main slide rails
    • 1 Double headed fixed vise jaw
    • 1 Double headed moveable vise jaw
    • 2 Adjustable vise clamps
  • 1 End-stop clamp
  • 2 Spindle turning centres
  • 1 Auxiliary mounting plate
  • 1 Set of soft jaw covers
  • 1 Set of hard jaw covers
  • 1 Set of pipe jaw covers
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • 5 Year guarantee against defects and manufacturing
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